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Our Story

Dreams don't work unless you do...(and pray a lot too!)

Live a great story. Dream along the way. Eventually, all roads lead home. Home is where family is. Home is where memories are made and life's moments are enjoyed. 


With an amazon gift card and kitchen countertops, Landon Lane Candle Co. was created. After a  fun filled evening of one hand poured candle after another, and after years of coming up with creative idea after idea, candle making was it!  God provided a way — answering prayers and leading to the launch of Landon Lane Candle Co.

Many company names were tossed around  and some were really great... but in the end this had to be about FAMILY, and what better name than — Landon Lane. An amazing man whose road eventually lead him home — to his final and most important destination of all — to be with his Heavenly Father, at the age of 40. So through each candle, his name will continue to be remembered and remind us all how to live life to the fullest because life's too short. May each handcrafted candle light up your life and home with joy, and encourage you to cherish special moments  together. 

No matter where you go in life, All Roads Lead Home.

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Our candles make perfect wedding and special event favors!

Let's collaborate on how your guests will walk away from your wedding, special event or corporate gathering with a beautiful fragrant candle to remember this special time.  Check out our gallery below.